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FLEETBOUND is my musebox where I write out bullshit stories for my own entertainment. Feel free to use it for your own shit too, though, either to interact with my scurrilous crew or to pursue your characters own entertainment.

Way that I'm using it: the community itself is basically a DW comm. Users are identifiable through their icon and a two-numbered handle: RS, AA, ect. Full handle names can be hidden easily, and it's completely anonymous. No link to their government IDs, so caste impersonation and hemoanonymity run rampant.

All posts, unless it's a video post, only show the character's symbol icon. If they choose not to upload their icon, they can choose from the servers anonymous symbols.

[VIDEO] threads are essentially video embeds in the comment, and same with [AUDIO]. Unless filtered, they're visible to everyone.

Filtering works in a number of ways. Baseline filtering, with no security added, can be hacked relatively easy: say, Karkat would be able to open it after a few minutes of work. Medium would take him a few hours. High is the default level used by moderators, and would take Sollux a day or so of dedicated hammering to get in.

The filters are made to be hacked, as any savvy coder will realise after working with them for a sufficient amount of time. The entire forum system is run off of apiculture, but security is handled by Ogliarch, who's brain is permanently hooked via helmsports and WiFi directly into the system. Any use of the loopholes or hacking of filters will notify him directly, as can be noticed by kids poking at the codework, and kids trying to hack the overall infrastructure will find that it changes directly in response to their actions to prevent them access.

tl;dr: Hacking filters is easy. Hacking the actual system is prooooobably not possible, unless your troll is just the l33t3st kid ever.

Ogliarch is technically the moderator, but he actually does basically no moderating ever. He will intervene if kids come crying to him directly, or if he sees egregious rule-breaking, but for the most part, he sees everything and he does not give a single shit. He very obviously plays favorites, where some members will get constant warnings and some will never get warned, so feel free to assume your character falls in one extreme or another.


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